PTSD Testimonial

Sandra’s vast knowledge of the body, energetic healing and the power of thought including the lens we habitually view the world through has provided me with deeper insight into myself; subsequently accelerating my healing process. Sandra’s methodologies and holistic approach to counseling have given me a deeper understanding of the neuroscience and psychology behind my experience with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its pervasive symptoms as well as lifting the veil of my awareness of my energetic self and innate healing abilities. PTSD hijacked my brain and my life in 2012, rendering my world a bleak, overwhelming, unsafe vortex of intrusive memories and acute hyper-vigilance. I began working with Sandra in the winter of 2013 and within a relatively short period of time I have regained my ability to focus and concentrate, have reduced my pervasive fear and hyper-vigilance substantially, and have identified and eliminated various thought programs that were sabotaging my wellness. I have gained strength and confidence, I am able to return to the workplace and manage my life and triggers with the methods and skills I am learning from Sandra. In the medical realm of PTSD, the recovery time for the average person suffering from PTSD takes 2-5 years to begin feeling ‘normal’ again with continued symptom management throughout the lifespan. I am in disbelief how rapidly I have made progress with my recovery from PTSD with the methodologies Sandra uses and her unwavering support and faith in my ability to heal myself and my mind. I am forever grateful…I never thought I was ever going to feel like myself again before working with Sandra and I am thrilled to be back to my higher functioning self with new insights and awareness!


Anxiety Testimonial

Yesterday my boyfriend didn’t call. I would usually get a big knot in my stomach and heart. It’s so stressful. I used the tool that Sandra gave me and swayed it out. Instantly, the feeling was gone. It was like a big weight, a big chunk was lifted off my shoulders.


Thank you for the tools, Sandra.


Psychosomatic Allergies

I have had serious allergic reactions to things since childhood. Cats were one of the allergens that I had to avoid. If I went into a home with a cat, I would experience runny nose, itchy eyes and difficulty breathing. These symptoms continued for as many as 7 days after leaving the home. I became very limited in visiting people. If they had a cat, I could not visit. The spectrum of allergies expanded into other things such as foods, chemicals and vegetation.


I wanted to delve deeply into the issues behind what may have caused me to have allergic reactions to things that are harmless to others. I decided to seek help. I had already exhausted medical doctors treatments (needles, antihistamines…) and natural healing methods such as homeopathic and naturopathic remedies as well as holding to a very restricted diet.


Sandra does not claim to have the ability to cure allergies, however I had the inkling that, if I could delve deeply enough into the emotional issues that began in childhood and triggered thoughts that created a cycle of an allergic reaction, I might be able to alleviate the symptoms that caused this allergic distress. I thought, using these methods, that she could help me.


After doing some counseling, I was outside my sister’s house, and there was a stray cat. It approached my sister and I and I bent down to pet it. It purred and rubbed itself against me and I petted it for quite some time. My sister was in awe of what I was doing. She watched with interest because she has never known me to have been able to do this in the past.


I cannot say at this moment that I am allergy free, however I have recently been in 4 homes with dogs and cats and stayed overnight for a whole week in a home with a dog, with no symptoms. I am very hopeful that seeing Sandra Fecht is my answer.