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Philosophy of Counseling

Each of us is a multilevel being; biological, psychological, cognitive, relational, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. These levels influence each other. We all know that if you are in discomfort in any way that it will influence your mood. The point of cause for the reason a person seeks treatment could be on any of the aforementioned levels. This is why a counsellor needs to address the various levels in each client.

Working from the simple to the complex, the client is able to address their needs and improve their life.

To recognize the unique abilities in each person and work to bring out the best in everyone. The client is given tools with which they can work to improve their lives in their own way. In counseling, I not only share skills you need to improve your life in the way you want, but reveal the very processes by which this can be accomplished. Increasingly, you take control of your own process of self improvement.

As the cause of the problem can be completely different from person to person, so too are the solutions. By considering all the possible factors, your problem can be addressed with an attainable solution that is unique to you.

Here is a concrete example;

Anger Management

Many people come for counseling to deal with anger issues.

Initial improvements can be had with fairly simple changes. For some, if they are constantly tired from not sleeping, for example, it may be a simple change. Old pillows are often the cause of a lack of sleep. On a 4 year old pillow, 20% of the weight is from dust mites. No one should sleep on a pillow that is 4 years old or older. Throwing out those old pillows (even if grandma gave that one to you) has literally saved lives.

Diet can also affect your mood. A lack of Omega 3’s will cause a person to be angry. If a client’s diet is found to be lacking in Omega 3 nutrients, the person will first start by taking a quality supplement. An Omega 3 rich diet has been shown to correct anger in over 30% of prisoners. An Omega supplement or a can of sardines can help with this deficiency. For some of the research read Dr. Mark Hyman’s book The Ultra Mind Solution or consult a diet specialist.

Allergies can severely influence mood also. Some are very allergic to dairy products which has been known to contribute to anger in some reactive people.

For others, they need to be educated about the 5 steps to take to resolve an issue. One step is how to begin with an objective opening sentence that invites cooperation. Many times what we want to say and what is understood are two very different things, and it is therefore important to keep that in mind at all times, especially when tackling anger management. There are several steps for a successful interaction that deals with the issue without engaging in or inviting any non-productive emotion.

You are the only one who can control your mood. If your heart rate is above 90 beats a minute, some higher thinking processes stop. It is therefore better to leave, calm down for an hour and then proceed with a discussion. If you are calm, the issue is the problem. If you are raging, you are the problem. Being in control of your own mood and able to calm yourself are crucial. Your reaction to something is your responsibility regardless of the behaviour of others.

As you can see, everything can influence anger from our environment, our diet, our communication style, our physical condition, our emotions, and our past. By exploring all possible sources, a solution can be created that addresses directly your personal issues.

We all carry unprocessed, unresolved emotions from our past. Some people are taking anger from earlier times in their lives and directing it in present day to others. These people need intensive counseling to resolve these issues. This process is simplified into easy-to-follow steps.

Personal Style

The outcome and control of counseling is in your hands. In the first or second session, you will be asked for specific goals for the course of treatment. While there are some general factors for achieving your great life in a short period of time, each session is dedicated to your unique needs.

Each client requires a tailor-made approach. There are dozens of transformational skills that are available at each session, providing an eclectic, holistic approach, that in addition to a sound academic background in Adlerian counseling, includes various healing modalities. There are many ways to help overcome any difficult situation and thrive in life.

Every difficult experience is an opportunity to grow. Through insight, intuition, wisdom, and courage, confidence and calm can be instilled using advanced, pioneering methodologies. This leads people to a level of consciousness never before thought possible. As a democratic approach to counseling, we must realize that not every approach will be the same for each person, so the counseling style must be as unique as the individual seeking assistance.

Education and Accreditation

M.A. Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago 1986

Trainer NeuroLinguistic Programming 1994

Graduate Life Skill Coach Prince Albert Sask. 1971

B.A. University of Toronto 1968

Additional Programmes and Training in:

Assertiveness Training

Group Dynamics

Reiki Master

One Brain

Touch for Health

Esoteric Healing

Brief Strategic Therapy

Essential Oils

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (E.M.D.R.)


Destiny Learning

Indigenous Peruvian Healing Methods

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