There is new research to show that outbursts of anger significantly increase your chances of heart attack

and stroke. This danger doesn’t end after you are finished being angry but continues for up to 2 hours

beyond the emotional explosion. Anger puts your health and happiness at risk. It may feel right and

justified but in this case, your feelings are not telling you the truth.

There are many ways to deal with anger. Since substances such as alcohol and recreational drugs can

sometimes bring on such flare-ups, they are best left alone. Even some prescription drugs can cause

significant mood change. Please check with your health care provider if you think this is the case. If you

notice that substances change your mood, best to address your usage.

Other considerations in dealing with anger include diet, exercise, allergies, thinking style and repressed


Dietary factors encompass not only what you do eat, but when. Many people go to work without

eating, work all day and fuel up in the evening. When they arrive home, they are exhausted, hungry

and in a bad mood. It is said you should eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at

dinner. This regime provides energy during the day which is burned off, and since dinner is light, you

gain less weight. While each person is unique and has to find their optimal diet, potatoes, meat, sugars,

chemically laden packaged �?food’, the pesticides and fertilizers on non-organic produce, alcohol and

caffeine, generally speaking, all contribute to creating conditions for anger. That coffee and donut at

breakfast could be ruining your mood for the day. Rice, fruit and vegetables calm us down. An absence

of the right kinds of fats and oils also leads to poor mood control.

Fresh air, exercise and sunshine create calm and health. The scents released by trees unblock neuronal

pathways making us feel relaxed. A hike, ski or snowshoe in the woods releases toxins and calms us.

Sunshine activates vitamins, particularly Vitamin D necessary for optimal health and a good mood.

Sunshine releases endorphins from the pineal gland giving us a general feeling of well-being.

Just as our house has a hydro system which runs all of the electrical functions, our body has a bio

electric system which runs our mood, organs, muscles, and thoughts. When this is running optimally,

we operate well. We are happy, relaxed and calm. When it stops, we become angry, depressed, have

pain etc. Acupuncture, shiatsu and some easily learned simple methods play a major role in balancing

your energy and mood.

Again while each of us is unique and reacts in our own way to the world, generally speaking, artificial

scents in fabric softeners, air fresheners, shampoos and soaps can totally stop a bio energy system. This

would be the equivalent of expecting your home appliances to run while the hydro is off. Creating non-

toxic home environment, free of artificial scent, helps to restore energy balance and calm us.

The way we think, cognition, plays a very important role in controlling mood. There are always other

ways to approach and mentally deal with an issue. Instead of using your mind to make you more angry,

how about using it to calm you down and find other approaches.

Of course, any unresolved, unconscious material could cause anger. It is a very sad state of affairs

that so many people have tragic past events which they have buried. These hidden traumas create

negative reactions which are then expressed to other people and other times. How many of us who

have been hurt as children, when triggered, take out that pain and rage on our spouses or our own

present day families. These events can be accessed, understood and resolved with professional help.

This eliminates the cause of so many misunderstood reactions

Start simple, make one positive change and if you would like more help and clarity in your life, call me

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