From Trauma to Triumph!

Heal from PTSD
Heal yourself.
Free your life.
Find your tribe.
Change the world.

At least half of our population has experienced some form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Whether we’ve been in a car accident or a war, suffered through a long term illness, been married to an addict or a narcissist, lost a loved one prematurely, or been victims of childhood abuse or crimes during our adult lives, most of us have some unresolved traumas.

In this groundbreaking workshop we address the full range of trauma, from the daily abuse and neglect of our humanity to the most horrific assaults, such as satanic ritual abuse. We are teaching effective methods of treatment that provide immediate relief as well as dramatic long-term change.

Many of us are already aware that the society we live in today is deliberately designed by dark forces to dehumanize and devolve us through the use of systematized trauma. What we don’t know is that overcoming these dark powers requires healing from their effects within ourselves first. The more we recover ourselves, the more we have a healing and transformative influence on our communities and our world.

Meet empowered healers who have been gifted to guide you in your healing. Hear their extraordinary stories of trauma to triumphant transformation. Experience these proven unique-to-the-individual methods of healing first hand, so you can be triumphant in your healing process.
4-Day Workshop
Friday March 31st – Monday April 3rd
9am – 6pm Daily
Gainesville, Florida
Aurora Healing Arts, 109 SE 4th Ave
Event Info: 352-474-9122
Private training and healing sessions April 4-5th

Call/Message to book your personal session with the facilitator of your choice 352-474-9122 (Charged Separately)

Sandra Fecht – M.A. Psychology
Karen Silberstein – ND, PhD, Transformational Scientist
Chris Desjardin – LPC, Survivor
Murshida Va – MEd, EdS, Marriage & Family Therapy
Dave Staffen – Survivor, Advocate
Frances Toews – B.S., B.E., BFA, Survivor Thriver
Anne Redelfs – M.D., Retired Psychiatrist
Mystery Guest – Activist
Jvala Kopecka – Soul Excavation
Training for Therapists April 4th (+ $100)
Daily Lectures, Demonstrations, Group Work,
Evening Activities, Entertainment & Kirtans
Price: $500.00 $175.00 (A One Time Only Offer!)

For the first time ever this priceless knowledge will be offered under one roof. World-class transformational ambassadors will be teaching their unparalleled healing methods to you. You will experience exclusive insider information not to be found anywhere else! This is a first of it’s kind event. Take advantage of our ridiculously low one-time-only introductory price for this premiere presentation!
Scholarships available, contact us to inquire.
Limited Spaces Available!
Register By March 26th to secure your spot. Late registrants must call to ensure availability 352-474-9122.

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