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One thought on “Dr Rainer Kurz Interview on The Ritchie Allen Show

  • Dave Staffen

    I am a friend/client of Sandra Fecht and am speaking with her in Dublin and London this Sept. I was born to parents who both adhered to the methods, practices and traditions of Satanism, who sought revenge against me for over 50 years because of my refusal to ‘become one of them’ as a little boy.
    I was clandestinely drugged throughout my life by my mom, dad, some they associated with and others who were only too eager to join in the torment of one who couldn’t be made to hate, hurt others or become one of them, which was akin to a declaration of war against them.
    At 5 years old the cult leader declared, “We must destroy him; if we don’t someday surely he will destroy us.”
    So they did and hid my loving essence under layer upon layer of fear, self-doubt, anxiety, anger, self-hate and lacks in the areas of self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence that made any social life whatsoever, impossible.
    Upon discovering the truth of my life and attempting to make known what had happened to me I had one car damaged at the time I realized my mom and dad were the architects of the vast conspiracy against me and another car stolen from in front of my home and fire-bombed at the time I began confronting some of those who had made my acquaintance solely for the purpose of being present at times I was drugged and subjected to acts of humiliation, degradation and pervasiveness.
    I wish to make known the existence of cults and secret societies, whose members long-practiced facade of loving kindness, benevolence and wish to help others is but a ruse to procure victims, so that children and others vulnerable can be protected.