Sandra Fecht

A great life comes from within. That is the secret I can share with you..

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I recognize the value in every human being and do my best to have every client not only reach the goals they want, but to thrive in life.
Each of us is a multilevel being; biological, psychological, cognitive, relational, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. These levels influence each other. We all know that if you are in discomfort in any way that it will influence your mood. The point of cause for the reason a person seeks treatment could be on any of the aforementioned levels. This is why a counsellor needs to address the various levels in each client.

Each client requires a tailor-made approach. There are dozens of transformational skills that are available at each session, providing an eclectic, holistic approach, that in addition to a sound academic background in Adlerian counseling, includes various healing modalities. There are many ways to help overcome any difficult situation and thrive in life.
The outcome and control of counseling is in your hands. In the first or second session, you will be asked for specific goals for the course of treatment. While there are some general factors for achieving your great life in a short period of time, each session is dedicated to your unique needs.

Every difficult experience is an opportunity to grow. Through insight, intuition, wisdom, and courage, confidence and calm can be instilled using advanced, pioneering methodologies. This leads people to a level of consciousness never before thought possible. As a democratic approach to counseling, we must realize that not every approach will be the same for each person, so the counseling style must be as unique as the individual seeking assistance.

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